Northeast Two-Way Communications is a growing LMR business located in the heart of the Pioneer Valley, owned and operated by Craig Gagne. Drawing on his backgrounds in radio and networking, he opened NTC in the summer of 2006 and has since slowly grown NTC by making strategic partnerships with companies such as Midland Radio, HYT/Hytera, Maxon, Blackbox, Safety Vision/iCOP, Exalt Communications and many others. Although NTC offers on-site service anywhere in the Northeastern USA, we will work with any client in the US to setup turnkey systems that will work for you "right out of the box". You read correct NTC will ship anywhere in the USA.

These partnerships allow NTC to fulfill virtually any two-way communications need as well as virtually any computing (including servers), networking, or telephony needs that may arise for businesses in Western Massachusetts and beyond. NTC's goal is to partner with their clients to determine the best possible solution for their communications, surveillance, computing, networking or telephony needs.

NTC's extensive experience with installations in Student and City transportation makes NTC the best choice to service your busing fleet for both two-way radio and digital video recording units. 

Craig Gagne has several years of experience with one of the nations largest transportation companies servicing fifty-six locations in four states, three of those locations were 250 to 350+ unit yards and were 3 of the six largest yards in that company as a whole. Drawing on that knowledge he gives his clients the best support possible, not only for two-way radios and DVR service but full office PC/Network support, including setup and troubleshooting of specialized transportation tracking suites. He also understands what it takes for Student Transport agencies to get the job done and keep students and drivers safe.

NTC listens!