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  • Tue, 06/07/2011 - 15:08

    Contact NTC today for special pricing for Massachusetts entities (town, city and state). Midland Radio offers exceptional pricing through Massachusetts' ITT40 two-way radio contract. With this pricing NTC can help your agency stretch those tight budget dollars!

    MAXON is still offering huge trade-in deals on most models of up to $45! Call NTC and we will help your company or municipality get on the narrow-bandwagon!

    NTC is proud to make two BIG announcements! NTC is now one of Exalt Communications newest dealers AND we are now an HYT/Hytera dealer too! If you need point to point microwave linking for your sites call NTC and let us save you money, if you want the latest in DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system call us today!

    Click here and review the FCC mandate then give us a call! NTC can help, not only get you compliant but save your agency tons of budget dollars!

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